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Maestro - V92's Plugins
AuthorReverend Jesse V92
Uploaded9 months ago
Updated9 months ago
Indexed9 months ago
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word count good
Some custom plugins for Maestro Admin Mod I made.

Goldify: turn players into gold statues using !gold <name> <time>
Location Go: Set per-map locations you can teleport to using !lgo <name>

You'll need to add this Lua file to your GMod and set it up in order to add custom maps to your location index:

To get positions for your location index, go to a position you want to add, and adjust your eye angles (direction you're looking) and type 'getpos_nice' into the console. This will print a table-ready entry for the location index. All you need to do is add a unique name to it.

Obviously you require Maestro; you can download it here:

This add-on is open source. You are free to modify it and share it, as long as credit is given.