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INFRA Prop Pack
AuthorReverend Jesse V92
Uploaded9 months ago
Updated9 months ago
Indexed9 months ago
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Filesize65.68 MB
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Legitimacy score112/100
word count good
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A Simple Job, Turned Into a Fight for Survival

These are some of my favourite/useful props from the Source game INFRA.

INFRA is available here! Go buy it, and play it because it's a fantastic game!

This pack contains everything shown, plus a couple of extras.

Many of the white-colour props can be used by the colour tool.
Many of the props have multiple skins.

  • Car Batteries
  • Shopping trolley, 24-pack case of Osmo Olut beer + bottle opener
  • Various industrial props
  • Mark's Hard hat, car keys, credit card, cell phone, camera, torch, train ticket
  • Coins, gold bar, stack of dosh, flash light and camera batteries
  • An assortment of keys + key holders
  • Dragon, Teddy Bear, and Bossman Plushies
  • Traffic cones + pylon
  • Jerry, petrol & diesel cans
  • Finnish License plates
  • Mini trains + service tram
  • Animated Clocks & calender props
  • Lots of tools + a couple of tool boxes
  • North Korea vs. USA darts & dart board
  • Geocache, glow sticks, turnips
  • Dynamite, blasting tubes, and detonator
  • Camera, torch, cell phone, bolt cutter, sledgehammer, crowbar
  • Board game, Alan Bacon Cookbook, fedora, Morko's mask, rubber ducks
  • VHS tapes and player
  • Markku Siltanen player model with c_arms, body groups.
  • Magazines, flashlights, fire extinguishers, chains, cement, asbestos, tape player and recorders
  • Demon Core + screwdriver
  • Paint + spray paint cans
  • Forklift, pulleys, step ladder, radio, chainsaw, wire spools, sponge, and hangman