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[GTA V] Giant Accessories Pack
Uploaded2 years ago
Updated2 years ago
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Models by Rockstar for GTA V
Ported by Sal

Follow me on the workshop for more content:

I've ported these for a server I was working on with some friends. It is no longer in the works, so I thought I might share these here.
Most if not all of these models are from GTA V.

Each model listed below may or may not have skins. Some may have many and some may not have any.
There are over 500 possibilities in this pack.


- Beret 1
- Beret 2
- Baseball Cap
- Beanie 1
- Beanie 2
- Beer Hat
- Bicycle Helmet
- Bowler
- Chef Hat
- Fedora
- Fishing Hat
- Flat Hat 1
- Flat Hat 2
- Sombrero
- Straw Hat
- Top Hat


- Aviators
- Glasses 1
- Glasses 2
- Ray Bans


- Monkey Mask
- Ninja Mask
- Police Tape Mask
- Robber Mask 1
- Robber Mask 2
- Robber Mask 3
- Rubber band Mask
- Skull Mask 1
- Skull Mask 2
- Zombie Mask


- Armor
- Bandana
- Headphones
- Scarf 1
- Scarf 2


- Camping Backpack
- General Backpack
- School Backpack

Animal Headwear:

- Bear
- Brown Eagle
- Buffalo
- Cat
- Fox
- Owl
- Penguin w/ Santa Hat
- Pig
- White Eagle


Plans for the future:
More logos to swap out on the side

All are detailed nicely, as expected of GTA V.