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SSB Items
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I'm working on adding Smash 4 Wii U models but since I don't know how to port from a Wii U game or how to dump the disk, I'll be getting items from . As for Melee, I'll wait for an in-dev GCM converter to come out of the testing stages.

Ever wanted a majority of the items found in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Well this is where to find them. Some models from the game rely on particle systems or get their coloration from the game itself, so some items were not included, or look really strange, but to compensate for that, I added little details to some of the models textures to hopefully balance out the bad looking ones.

SSBB items are:
dolbattleship.mdl - The Subspace Battleship from Subspace Emissary (This is VERY big)
dolbombtrooper.mdl - The trophy for the Bombomb
doldragoon.mdl - The Dragoon trophy (Bones are weird)
dolfalconflyer.mdl - The Falcon Flyer
dolfireflower.mdl - The Fire Flower's trophy
dolgoldenhammer.mdl - The trophy of the golden hammer (has bodygroups for the base and the hammer)
dolgreenshell.mdl - The Green Shell trophy
dolhalberd.mdl - The Halberd: Map found here:
dolhalberdsmall.mdl - A shrunken Halberd, not to scale but will fit on some bigger maps
dolpokeball.mdl - The Pokéball trophy
itmassist.mdl - The assist trophy case
itmbadge.mdl - The Franklin badge
itmbadgelarge.mdl - A large Franklin Badge
itmbadgemedium.mdl - A sligtly larger Franklin Badge
itmbarrel.mdl - The wooden barrel container
itmbarrel1.mdl - The metal barrel container
itmbarrel2.mdl - The gift/'fun' barrel container
itmbeamsword.mdl - The Beam Sword/ Light Saber rip off
itmbill.mdl - A dollar?
itmbombhei.mdl - The Bombomb item
itmbox.mdl - The wooden crate container
itmbox1.mdl - The metal box container
itmbox2.mdl - The present container
itmbumper.mdl - The bumper
itmcapsule.mdl - The capsule
itmcapsulelarge.mdl - A larger capsule
itmcarrierbox.mdl - A wooden crate container with wheels
itmcarrierbox1.mdl - A metal box container with wheels
itmcarrierbox2.mdl - A present container with wheels
itmcbox.mdl - Solid Snake's cardboard box (from his taunt)
itmcd.mdl - The CD pickup
itmchewing.mdl - The sticky bomb (looks ugly)
itmclacker.mdl - The Cracker Launcher
itmcoin.mdl - A gold coin
itmcoin1.mdl - A silver coin
itmcoin2.mdl - A bronze coin
itmcurry.mdl - The super-spicy flame curry
itmdeku.mdl - The Deku Nut
itmdiddypeanuts.mdl - The fired peanut from Diddy's Peanut Popgun
itmdoseisan.mdl - Mr. Saturn
itmdragoon.mdl - The head of the Dragoon
itmdragoon1.mdl - The Body of the Dragoon
itmdragoon2.mdl - The tail feather-thingys for the Dragoon
itmdragoonset.mdl - The fully assembled Dragoon
itmfigure.mdl - A figure/trophy stand
itmfireflower.mdl - The ingame Fire Flower (in a wierd position)
itmfreezer.mdl - The Freezy (looks bad)
itmgreenshell.mdl - The ingame Green Shell
itmharisen.mdl - The fan
itmheart.mdl- The Legend of Zelda heart container
itmhomerunbat.mdl - The home-run bat
itmkusudama.mdl - The party ball
itmlinkbomb.mdl - Link's bomb
itmmaximtomato.mdl - The Maxim Tomato
itmmetalblock.mdl - The metal block
itmmushd.mdl - The poison/shrinking mushroom
itmmushroom.mdl - The growing mushroom
itmpasaran.mdl - The Hot Head (looks bad)
itmpitfall.mdl - The Pitfall
itmpmpowerup.mdl - The Project M Turbo item
itmpokeball.mdl - The ingame Pokéball
itmpowderbox.mdl - The explosive box
itmraygun.mdl - The Ray Gun (textures are fullbright for an unknown reason)
itmripstick.mdl - Lip's Stick
itmripstickflower.mdl - The flower that appears over fighters after being struck with Lip's Stick
itmsandbag.mdl - The Sandbag
itmscrew.mdl - The Screw-Attack badgy thingy
itmseed.mdl - A seed?
itmsensorbomb.mdl - The motion sensor bomb
itmslow.mdl - The Timer/Clock (Tinted blue due to 'improvising')
itmsmartbomb.mdl - The Smart Bomb (Break it, I dare you)
itmsmashball.mdl - The Smash Ball (It doesn't look to good)
itmsmokescreen.mdl - The smoke ball
itmsnakegrenade.mdl - Solid Snake's grenade
itmsoccerball.mdl - The soccerball
itmspring.mdl - The spring pad
itmstarrod.mdl - The Star Rod from Kirby
itmsuperscope.mdl - The SuperScope
itmsuperstar.mdl - The Mario StarMan
itmteamhealing.mdl - The team healer (looks.... odd)
itmthunder.mdl - The shrinking lightning bolt
itmtoonlinkbomb.mdl - Toon Link's bomb
itmunira.mdl - The Unria spike ball
itmusagihat.mdl - The Bunny Hood
itmwarpstar.mdl - The Kirby's Warp Star
stgpirates00k.mdl - The pirate ship stage prop
wpncaptainbluefalcon.mdl - Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon
wpndiddygun.mdl - Diddy's Peanutpopgun (bodygroups for the barrel)
wpndiddybarreljet.mdl - Diddy's Rocketbarrel jetpack
wpndonkeybarrelconga.mdl - DK's final smash
wpnfoxarwing.mdl - The Arwing
wpnfoxlandmaster.mdl - The Landmaster
wpnganonsword.mdl - The Sword of Sages from Ganondorf's taunt
wpnikesword.mdl - Ike's Sword
wpnkirbyfinalcutter.mdl - Kirby's Finalcutter from his up special
wpnkirbyhammer.mdl - Kirby's hammer
wpnkirbystone100t.mdl - Stone Kirby: 100t block edition
wpnkirbystonedosun.mdl - Stone Kirby: Blue Thwomp edition
wpnkirbystonehammer.mdl - Stone Kirby: Spike ball edition
wpnkirbystonekirby.mdl - Stone Kirby: Stone Kirby edition
wpnkirbystoneppon.mdl - Stone Kirby: Japanese exclusive puzzle game block edition
wpnlinkboomerang.mdl - Link's Gale Boommerang
wpnlinkbow.mdl - Link's Bow
wpnlinkbowarrow.mdl - An arrow to Link's Bow
wpnmariopump.mdl - Mario's F.L.U.D.D. (can be glitchy)
wpnmarthsword.mdl - Marth's sword
wpnpitbow.mdl - Pit's bow (use advanced bone tool to flex it)
wpnsnakemine.mdl - Snake's land mine
wpnsnaketrenchmortar.mdl - Snake's mortar
wpnwolfwolfen.mdl - Wolf's Wolfen
Wii U Stuff:
ssb4/itmbackshield.mdl - The Back Shield from Kid Icarus
ssb4/itmbeehive.mdl - BEES
ssb4/itmbumper.mdl - Smash 4 bumper
ssb4/itmcapsule.mdl - Smash 4 capsule
ssb4/itmcapsulehand.mdl - A capsule that is smaller and can be bonemerged into a hand
ssb4/itmdeku.mdl - Smash 4 Deku nut (bone-mergeable)
ssb4/itmfireflower.mdl - Smash 4 in-game Fire Flower
ssb4/itmgreenshell.mdl - Smash 4 green Koopa shell
ssb4/itmhomerunbat.mdl - Smash 4 home-run bat
ssb4/itmmasterball.mdl - A 'Master Ball'
ssb4/itmplant.mdl - Grass
ssb4/itmsuperscope.mdl - Smash 4 in-game SuperScope
ssb4/wpnfoxarwing.mdl - Smash 4 Arwing
ssb4/wpnfoxblaster.mdl - Smash 4 Star Fox blaster (bone-mergeable)
ssb4/wpnfoxlandmaster.mdl - Smash 4 Landmaster
ssb4/x-bomb.mdl - A X-Bomb

I ported the Brawl stuff all myself and recived the Smash 4 assets from The Models Resource, and I though it was pretty fun. If you have any issues with the models, please leave a coment.
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U are owned by Nintendo and these models were ported without their premission.