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Wolvin's - GM Stranded Proper Tools Viewmodel [Beta]
AuthorWolvindra [Commission Available]
Uploaded2 years ago
Updated2 years ago
Indexed1 year ago
Votes62/21 (75%)
Filesize923.44 KB
Steam reports0
Legitimacy score115/100
word count good
Server SWEP Beta Version!

NOTE: To prevent misconception, This viewmodels is meant & used for Server (both Listen & Dedicated Server) and replacement for Default GMS Tool Sweps! (full swep lists are mentioned below)

For worldmodels, please read the Q & A below!


Yes, this is my first SWEP for Garry's Mod Stranded's default weapons/tools replacement (since they have only hands/empty viewmodel and show nothing) for specific tools in GM Stranded, so now it has a proper viewmodels with a few animations too!
At first I was eventually confused because what tools that I'm currently used then, so I have an idea to make a sort of simple viewmodels for them and they can be easily recognizable. this was meant used for my server but I just want to publish this one to everyone.

Tools Viewmodel replacements includes:

- Frying Pan
- Strainer
- Sickle
- Advanced/Wooden Fishing Rood
- Wooden Spoon
- Wrench

To Do:
- Models animation improvement (help wanted)

Q & A

Q: Model sometimes using a default grambling "hands" animation!
A: Probably it's conflicted, if you owner of the server (which using dedicated server), you need to extract the GM Stranded gamemode and put into gamemodes/ folder including with this addon too. both have to extracted as well inside gamemodes/ folder!
This working perfectly on listen server even in single player mode. if it still this bug persist, you need to extract it as well.

Q: Sickle, Spoon, and Wrench has no animation!
A: Since the gamemode itself has no proper "action" animation for it so it stays idle. Just leave it there since it'll indicate that currently you're using a literal tool.
If you know what you're doing, you may edit the script by adding special event into the gamemode's code.

Q: What about worldmodels?
A: I'll work it later time soon, stay tuned :)

Q: What is the map on the screenshot?
A: It's my upcoming map and it'll ready to submitted to workshop soon. Still Work on progress though.

Any problems please put them into comment section!

Enjoy! :D