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Resistance and Liberation Map Pack [World War 2]
AuthorThe Devils Own
Uploaded2 years ago
Updated2 years ago
Indexed1 year ago
Votes72/23 (76%)
Filesize89.71 MB
Steam reports0
Legitimacy score53/100
word count good
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content pack

These are maps from the free mod 'Resistance and Liberation'. These maps are large scale and contain a bunch of content. If you are in search for World War 2 Maps, then look no further.

You do not need Day of Defeat Source to run these maps. Just have the three Content Packs and your set.

This map pack requires the content in order to see it. Due to limitations of the quota, I had to split it up into three parts. I will create a collection for easy access of subscribing.

You must have these in order to play the maps and not have texture errors.
The maps are tagged as 'rnl' and you can find them in the 'Other' section. Here are the names for you to find them.


The Extended map pack is now up which includes '9' new maps that are all different, created by players and community conributions.

I created this map pack to commemorate Memorial Day, but was having some troubles and ties. These maps are perfect for anything. Posings for Screenshots, Multiplayer, and even Serious Roleplay.

I take no credit what so ever. All of this map and content work was done by the Resistance and Liberation team in which you can find their website and mod here on their website.

Thank you for subscribing. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Have a good day and have fun!