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Photon Lighting Engine
Uploaded3 years ago
Updated2 years ago
Indexed1 year ago
Votes3,039/398 (88%)
Filesize58.12 MB
Steam reports2
Legitimacy score124/100
word count good
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Photon is to designed to add authentic emergency vehicle functionality to specific vehicles along with support for basic vehicle lighting on supported cars.

This addon is the engine (base) only.


Photon is a base engine to power advanced emergency vehicle and law enforcement functionality for vehicles in Garry's Mod.

Photon will only apply to cars you have installed. No cars come with this addon. Any supported cars will automatically have vehicle lighting applied.

The look, performance and behavior of third-party Photon cars are the sole responsibility of their developer. Photon is only a tool that enables certain functionality. How cars look is largely dependent on their developer.

Cars that feature a "Photon Official" badge on the icon are made by me (Schmal) and all techniques used in their creation are open to the public domain.

Errors have largely been fixed over Photon's several month history. If errors do suddenly occur, please check the following:

1. Was there a recent Photon update? Major release updates generally entail a few hidden bugs, so feel free to report them!

2. Installed any Photon cars recently? Check if uninstalling the specific vehicle corrects the error, or simply try resubscribing to the addon to remount it.

3. Do you run any additional advanced addons or custom code? There could be a conflict. If you find one, feel free to bring it up.

Car Lighting*
- Running lights (head and tail lights)
- Brake lights
- Reverse lights
- Turn signals/hazards
*(basic vehicle features are not necessarily a target focus, so support is typically very limited)

Emergency Lighting Development Features
- Realistic light behavior
- Support for rotating, pulsing or flashing lights
- LED, soft and cold halogen lighting
- Red, blue, amber and white and green LED colors
- Extensive brightness adjustment support
- Support for pulsing wig-wag lights, tail light hideaways, etc.
- Override any standard car light

Scene Illumination
- Independent switch for optional vehicle lamps (such as police takedowns or fire scene lighting)

Traffic Advisor/Auxiliary Lighting
- Control traffic advising functions independently of primary emergency lights

Emergency Sirens
- Over 40 different authentic international siren models (typically complete with wail, yelp, phaser and hi-lo tones) that can be selected and adjusted ingame.

Many popular and common tones based on real models from companies such as:
- Federal Signal
- Whelen Engineering
- Code 3
- Feniex Industries
- SoundOff Signal
- D&R Electronics

Also tones found internationally, from countries such as:
- Canada/Quebec
- France
- Austria
- United Kingdom
- Norway
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Denmark
- Finland
- Germany
- Australia

Vehicle HUD
- Design inspired by the Whelen CenCom control panel
- Primary and auxiliary warning with light-stage meter
- Sirens with respective icons to represent perceived sound waveform
- Scene illumination/takedown section on supported cars
- Additional vehicle features

Vehicle Variant Support
- Extensive creation freedom when creating your own vehicles
- Modify a car to look however you want
- Specify skin, bodygroups, colors, etc. to apply as soon as car is spawned

Addon Props
- Place any prop to spawn on vehicle such as a lightbar, bumper, module, etc.


Default controls:

Lights on/off: F
Siren on/off: R
Change light stage: Left-Alt
Change siren tone: Right-Click
Manual Siren/Alert Mode: T
Bullhorn: G
Auxiliary Lighting: B (short press for on/off, long press and release to change pattern/stage)
Illumination: X (short press for on/off, long press and release to chance mode)

Read this Facepunch release thread for developer information

Photon is multiplayer compatible with growing feature support. Default Photon specifications will apply to all supported cars that do not have a .VehicleTable property appended.

If you wish to use a custom Photon car, you will likely need to modify your spawn code.

Several people have suggested selling this script. While I am sincerely humbled and appreciate their thoughts, I think it would go against the spirit of creativity. Seeing people, use, share and modify my work is worth more to me than I would get out of selling something because there is a market.

If you have money that you wish to spend on this, please consider donating it to one of my favorite charities instead:

American Red Cross
Brain and Behavior Research Foundation
Autism Speaks

Photon is not a job nor a stepping stone, it's a product of my collective passions. I work a day job and come home to do something I truly enjoy. Money is an unfortunate requirement for people, but Photon is powered with love, not profit.

If you truly enjoy Photon, the greatest thanks to me would be for you to help those less fortunate in your own community.

Assets and inspiration are due to so many incredible people.

Everyone who has contributed or authored ported assets are credited at:

This addon is officially dedicated to all emergency service personnel across the world.

Those who take an oath and an underpaying job to answer cries for help. Those that have to worry about making it home. And those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the greatest honor of public service.

Also to my dad, my hero.


Photon is not endorsed nor in any way affiliated with companies or products named in this addon. The usage of trademarked product names are strictly for non-commercial entertainment purpose and should not be viewed as official or accurate depictions of real-world products.

All opinions or views otherwise expressed in this addon have absolutely no relation to any other product or brand name whatsoever.

Their usage is strictly for personal enjoyment, created by hobbyists and fans of emergency equipment.

All product depictions should be viewed as purely fictional and not representative of the respective companies and products.

Most recent comments

creator_2013 · 2017-01-21 14:04
You know that Photon is not Vcmod? That is no Photon issue.
76561198093789545 · 2017-01-17 13:49
i want light on the ground yeah
76561198096925326 · 2017-01-14 14:14
Hi super Mighty you are girl ? just a question
TrainFrightEthyS · 2017-01-10 09:27

If you have VCMOD.

You can rebind your vcmod keys by typing !Vcmod

And rebind the controlls to work along side VCMOD, like I have done for when I play on servers.

But if you own VCMOD els. You can still rebind it like I have done. I use VCMOD ELS on Numpad as well as Phtoon.

(Lower numpad = Photon)
(Higher Numpad = Vcmod ELS)

Hope that helped,

swannwalther · 2017-01-06 14:14
Hello I have a problem with your photon addons in some vehicle the sirens walking my steps the gyros and I have a lot of error in the console have you a solution?
76561198342510297 · 2017-01-06 12:58
hello. I have a problem : all cars with photon are in "error" model, i resubscribing, i redowloading but nothing. Can you help me please ?
76561198236328370 · 2017-01-04 06:02
Can you add support to all TDM cars?<img src="" class="emoticon">
creator_2013 · 2017-01-03 00:39
Photon is free and you can easily find tutorials for making photon cars.
VcMod(ELS) is not free.
76561198140098927 · 2017-01-02 16:59
make it compatible with the vcmod seat changing files, i have this server and i want vcmod to load photon stuff so i can keep vcmod in server, but unfortually both mods dont work together, vcmod does everything that photon does so its possible to do this, or if you cant do this, then at least add some features to photon, that vcmod has, like seat changing, so you can hold more players in one car, i really think Photon will survive, and can be better than vcmod

76561198025365911 · 2017-01-01 14:52
Fix please

76561198096925326 · 2017-01-01 08:14
Hi super mighty you are girl
76561198096925326 · 2017-01-01 08:14
Happy new year the buddys
76561198045912804 · 2016-12-31 10:11
Happy Newyear already @everyone
76561197974572401 · 2016-12-27 13:46
Oh okay, well that actually helps me feel better some. Glad to know that is is actually being worked on still.
thesendest · 2016-12-26 11:04
We are working on a secondary release that will work closely woth this version. Full development has been slowed down due to the inability of all parties to work on the addon itself for long periods of time.
76561197974572401 · 2016-12-26 10:46
Saddened by the fact it seems to have died. Yes, you guys are still commenting on here, but its coming close to a year in March since the last update. 9 months. I enjoy this mod greatly, just wish I knew if it was still being worked on. <img src="" class="emoticon">
creator_2013 · 2016-12-26 08:22
dan13lwa7k1n5190703 · 2016-12-26 07:54
how can i change which key changes the siren tone
heroblox · 2016-12-24 15:59
Not working anymore...
76561198285701691 · 2016-12-22 19:03
As of this time can we add custom sirens?
creator_2013 · 2016-12-21 22:10
What is not working? The lights? The siren? The gui? Cars?
Juuppie · 2016-12-21 18:13
not working :(
76561198045912804 · 2016-12-20 07:44
@walterrijke2 is asking if you wanna make a dutch siren
walterrijke · 2016-12-20 07:38
walterrijke · 2016-12-20 07:37
you most make nederland siren <img src="" class="emoticon">
0Luke2 · 2016-12-17 19:16
Is there any way, if allowed, to change the bullhorns on siren models? I really like the whelen gamma, but I hate the horn that's on it. Any help?
creator_2013 · 2016-12-17 01:26
Photon Le 70 is the version not the error!
76561198170367991 · 2016-12-16 15:26
my police cars spawn without lighbars and i cant right click to change livery or siren and ive uninstalled everything and it still says photon le 70 error
76561198096925326 · 2016-12-16 04:13
That does not work for me when I create for express creator
creator_2013 · 2016-12-11 09:46
Guys... This is the version xD
76561198145269029 · 2016-12-11 09:37
i got Photon LE (version 70) errore what i'm supos to do?
76561198171045489 · 2016-12-11 00:05
76561198025700549 · 2016-12-07 16:59
ahh i see, thanks @TheSenDest
thesendest · 2016-12-07 13:49
I assume Super Mighty will release it with his prop pack or seperately and you will be able to use it from there.
76561198025700549 · 2016-12-07 13:38
whats the script name for the new ultra freedom?
76561198096925326 · 2016-12-07 00:39
That works more when I create a car with photon
creator_2013 · 2016-12-06 21:43
Q &gt; Useful &gt; Photon; Controls
76561198243270110 · 2016-12-06 17:20
how can i change the controls on it
zeptep · 2016-12-04 11:41
Hi i need some help because i create some photon cars but i dont find how to put wig-wag light on my cars
Karisxmatiko · 2016-12-04 00:27
Glad to see this light mod stills up, pretty flashy very pretty.
freemmaann · 2016-12-02 05:04
Sen, you have accussed my work of plagiarizing this addon. This is not something I've expected from you knowing your role. This is what has been called out, not the issues with the addon itself.

You are the one baiting here.

I have tried talking with you privately and you simply do not respond. I would still like to know which techniques developed by Photon has VCMod started to use within the past few months?

I assume you'll just delete this comment aswel, since you've been called out on this?
TrainFrightEthyS · 2016-12-02 04:05
We have no problem with the addon.
We're just expressing our feelings about the mod, and agreeing / disagreeing with other people on this topic.

Such as I agree with @Federal &amp; @Buun

Now, that is what I think. You may think something else, and thats okay. BECUASE. We are all entitled to think what we like.

And we have a right to express them, if you dislike them. That doesn't mean you can just -snip- them from the comments. You can disagree with us. We don't have a problem with that Sen.

This is all I'd like to say.


(Just expressing my feelings)
thesendest · 2016-12-02 04:00
Previous comments have been removed to dissolve any possible baiting by the commenting parties. We don't need that here. If you have a problem with the addon or anything regarding it, we have a discussions area. Information for that area is located in the 'SUPPORT AND INFORMATION AND MORE' topic.
Talon733 · 2016-11-26 15:37
TheSenDest is mlg
76561198070320397 · 2016-11-26 15:03
How do I change the keys?
76561198096247330 · 2016-11-10 00:16
If i may make a suggestion, you don't have to do it, how about a 1950s/1990s/2000s update? just a suggestion, you don't have to do it.
col_mayn69 · 2016-11-09 15:23
Well I did that already it worked, but it doesn't work for all of tdm emergency vehicles
thesendest · 2016-11-09 15:20

You click the giant 'Subscribe' button.
76561198285228298 · 2016-11-08 04:01
Where can I download &quot;Photon LE Version 70&quot;!?!?!?!?!??!
Commander98777 · 2016-11-05 16:50
And on the plus side Photon is free VCMod you have to buy..... if you didnt have vcmod would you use photon?
76561198087116734 · 2016-07-18 12:56
v Same and I have used the cars fine for a while but after this update it broke
76561198275195073 · 2016-07-17 23:19
most cars are errors but some work i dont know what im missing can someone please help
sekuh · 2016-07-12 17:08
The best TDM Lightning mod that have ever see !!!!!!!! BEST MOD EVER!!! <img src="" class="emoticon">
76561198203145729 · 2016-07-11 03:56
nice!<img src="" class="emoticon">
youngdairymilk · 2016-07-08 10:31
Does this work on TDMCars?
76561198141346036 · 2016-07-07 13:58
can i ask requests for vehicles to be made to u
thesendest · 2016-07-06 15:14
I honestly don't know
76561197974572401 · 2016-07-06 14:38
Is this still being worked on, or has this been paused for the moment?
76561198143804686 · 2016-07-04 14:37
lol glad i found some sounds from quebec
76561198035479885 · 2016-07-02 01:59
the mod says error but i can still hear the horn and the siren wich i have to hold downa a key to turn on but i can't see the lights flashing is anyone having the same problem?
thesendest · 2016-07-01 21:28

If you have issues with using Photon, please go <a class="bb_link" href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" >HERE</a> and tell us your problem in the correct discussion!
Ravephua11 · 2016-07-01 21:25
dear owner,my Photon Light Engine have no bug and they say have error so now i amnreporting this to you please feel free to PM me and there is a new update to this mod!!!!!!!<img src="" class="emoticon">
76561198302878105 · 2016-07-01 11:37
this is the best mod ever to be in gmod<img src="" class="emoticon"><img src="" class="emoticon"><img src="" class="emoticon"><img src="" class="emoticon"><img src="" class="emoticon">
cube2 · 2016-06-28 06:50
Adding this to a collection seems not to work.
DrXenomorph · 2016-06-26 20:11
dude i love the message, u keep making more and also i love your reasons for doing this shit, KEEP BEING AWESOME <img src="" class="emoticon"><img src="" class="emoticon">
76561198080096825 · 2016-06-26 18:11
better than VCmod
76561198133058838 · 2016-06-25 18:00
oh ok, i subbed to it so it won't be bothering me
76561198161670537 · 2016-06-24 13:41
I love Photon, what i wish was that the lighting would reflect off walls and such, creating vehicles using the lighting engine should be a lot more simple and easy to learn. Also a vehicle request for anyone... the Carbon Motors E7 police car (preferably from Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010)
178699 · 2016-06-22 17:02
Can someone help? The turn signals on teh cars I've download aren't working except for one pack.
76561198086921513 · 2016-06-22 11:56
Tru dat, this is my favorite addon; I just wish I knew how to code headlights and etc.
76561198056822712 · 2016-06-22 11:11
These guys are so great, and the addon is close to perfection
Gamerpro2266 · 2016-06-21 01:19
Super mighty could I add you as a friend need to talk
xXSuperMightyXx · 2016-06-21 01:13
Becausw you've downloaded spme photon cars, and if you dont have the engine away (what this is) itll link you
76561198133058838 · 2016-06-20 22:35
when i create my own game, why does it want me to get this?
3432456 · 2016-06-18 09:32
Do you know*
3432456 · 2016-06-18 09:32
Do you What Calgary's Is Please tell me Thanks It's in Canada alberta if that helps
CounterStrikeNewbz · 2016-06-17 17:00
This lyric in a song sums this up perfectly; &quot;How to save a life!&quot;
thesendest · 2016-06-17 11:20
They use the same sirens used in America
3432456 · 2016-06-17 10:28
What is the Siren type For Canada?
Gamerpro2266 · 2016-06-16 11:03
hey i need some help when i speak a police car on my server the els doesnt work
thesendest · 2016-06-15 19:11
I know exactly what you are talking about and I will send that to the team to discuss. Thank you for bringing that up!
76561198242181590 · 2016-06-15 18:06
Is there any way you can set Photon to be visible to RT (Render Target) cams? As of now Photon will show up on standard cameras but not RT cams, which I use quite often.
galaxie-spectrumie · 2016-06-14 14:26
Does not work in offline mode, which i play on most because my internet is crappy. lages to 2fps when you change a siren offline
CounterStrikeNewbz · 2016-06-12 12:27
does it support the blazer yet lol
thesendest · 2016-06-10 21:18
Please go to the help discussion(s) on the official group for PLE to recieve direct support.
uncomfortable-bear · 2016-06-10 21:00
This happened with a mod using Photon, i notified the original author but then i saw practicly the same problem with someone else and the author said to post it here. so... if the primary lights are set above the first option the console spams this message: <a class="bb_link" href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" ></a>
Hope you can help, thank you!
thesendest · 2016-06-10 18:17
Sorry, I have my location set there just for fun.
qgg · 2016-06-10 18:14
I saw on Sen's profile that he was italian, so I tried speaking it. What I was trying to do was attempting to add a custom siren, but it would eventually stop working after a few seconds. I pretty much got my answer though, since custom sirens support is not available.
thesendest · 2016-06-10 18:08
L'aggiunta di sirene personalizzati non è attualmente supportato nel client rilasciata di PLE. [Google Traduttore]
xXSuperMightyXx · 2016-06-10 17:59
qgg · 2016-06-10 17:34
TheSenDust, se hai tempo potresti aggiungermi su steam? Ho delle domande veloci da fare, sto cercando di aggiungere delle sirene custom ma ho riscontrato dei problemi, in particolare con il timer su emv_sirens.lua.
thesendest · 2016-06-10 11:31
76561198197041561 · 2016-06-10 10:41
If you have TDM/VCMOD on your server can you use Photon aswell? Or no?
thesendest · 2016-06-09 10:58
Currently, the siren turns off when you get out of the car. There is no way to reverse this with the current client release.
StoeptegelD · 2016-06-09 10:34
when i get outof my car with sirens on the sirens stop but lights work how to fix
qgg · 2016-06-08 15:48
Is it possible to add custom sirens without having to unpack the gma?
76561198011761075 · 2016-06-05 14:11
how do you do thirdperson when i try crtl it never werks
76561198086921513 · 2016-06-05 13:11
I wish there was a tutorial on how to code the headlights. Schmal did a great job with the other two.
76561198285701691 · 2016-06-01 18:02
I hope the update is close