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Cat NPCs
Uploaded3 years ago
Updated2 years ago
Indexed1 year ago
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DISCLAIMER: This NPC will not function if the map you're on does not have a navmesh. Vanilla maps like gm_construct have a navmesh, but a lot of custom maps don't. Fortunately you can generate your own by typing nav_generate in console and after it's complete it will be in your maps folder with the extension ( .nav ). Larger maps can take a while, I recommend generating the navmesh on a dedicated server. Here's some documentation on it:
Valve Navigation Meshes Documentation
Navigation Mesh Commands

I did not make this model, I only remade the skeleton, rigged it, made the animations, and added some extra skins. You may find the original model here:

See ConVar discussion page for all the current ConVars.

Version 0.5
- Fixed issue where missing navmesh warning displayed regardless if there was one or not.
- Added experimental networking, if you experience crashes set npc_siamesecat_experimentalnw to 0.

Version 0.4
- Cats will now sometimes chase birds and try to kill them.
- Added another animation to the cats.
- Their sounds should not be as loud now.
- Added a warning that displays for 15 seconds when entering a map that doesn't have a navmesh. Use this ConVar to disable it: npc_siamesecat_disablenavwarning 1

Version 0.3C
- Should have fixed most issues with the animations.
- Removed the debug messages I accidently left inside.
- Cats will now blink!

Version 0.3B
- Issues where the cat would stop following you should be fixed. Keep in mind they should stop following you when you die, disconnect or shoot them, which is intended.
Some notes about following, they will prioritize eating, drinking, and sleeping before following you, but afterwards they should start following you again. If for some reason they don't, they should start following you again briefly after idling.
- Any problems with the cat not going to find food or water should be fixed, although if there aren't any spawned they will act as they originally do.
- Some other smaller bug fixes that I can't recall, I need to keep better track of these.
- Added three new skins! The cats now have ten different skins!
* Some of the animations may play at the wrong speed, this will be fixed in the next update.

- Cats will now prioritize eating and drinking over sleeping.
Version 0.3A
- There are now two new stats for the cat, hydration and fatigue. You may give the cat water by spawning the water bowl entity, and when the cat is thirsty enough it will go to it. If you do not keep your cat hydrated, it will take damage until it dies. Fatigue isn't really harmful, although it will make your cat sleep a lot.
- The HUD has been redesigned, once again you can view it by holding left shift while hovering over a cat, cat food, or a water bowl.
- Added another collar.
- Some other small fixes.

Version 0.2B:
- New collision model, should work better than the last one, and the hitboxes are much better. Although it's not perfect and is a work in process. Let me know of any issues with it.
- Cats will now randomly spawn with a bowtie, flower, or nothing on their head. I'd like to add more accessories for the cats, so if you have any reasonable ideas please post them in the suggestions.
- Fixed an issue where other players could stop your cat from following you.

Version 0.2A:
A decent amount of changes were made, it is very likely there will be some bugs.

- Added sleeping, will happen randomly.
- Added aging, the cat grows as it ages.
- Added hunger, you must now feed the cat, spawn a Catfood entity, which was just added, and when your cat is hungry enough it will go after it. ( This still needs some work )
- Particles will now frequently be emitted from the cat depending on it's mood or actions taken agaisnt it.
( Users may disable particles with npc_siamesecat_enableparticles 0 )
- A HUD was added for the cat, hover over it and hold left shift. You may also see how much food is left in a bowl the same way. The HUD is just temporary, I plan to redo it.
- Two new skins, and when you press E on a cat to follow you, it is given a collar.
- Ability to get a cat unstuck, doesn't always work, but you go up to it and hold R and then press E. It should jump.
- Some other changes I can't remember

If you don't feed your cat it will die, it can also die of old age.
You may completely disable dying, even by bullet with this ConVar.
npc_siamesecat_enabledeath 0

Known Issues:
- The collision model's hitboxes are okay now, but the ragdoll still spazzes out a bit once in a while when it gets stuck in the ground.
- The cats may get stuck inside of eachother, or sometimes in doors, I'm still figuring out a good way to solve this.

- Tweaking and fixing up the collision model.
- Ownership of a cat that persists through death.
- ( Ownership of a cat that persists throughout disconnecting, persistent ownership. )
- Customizing the cat, choosing accesories to wear and collars.
- Treats for the cat, ability to gain their affection.
- Other sorts of behavior for the cat.
- Genders / Breeding
... and more! Feel free to post suggestions!

Q - I spawned the NPC but it won't move around at all.
A - This most likely means that the map you're on doesn't have a navmesh, check the top of this page.
Q - How do I generate a navmesh? I don't understand it.
A - It's actually quite simple, it just takes a while, I'll post a small tutorial in the discussions.
Q - My cat keeps emitting the drumstick and/or waterbottle image.
A - This happens when the cat is hungry or thirsty, but if it cannot find any food or water it will keep emitting it until it finds some or death. If it annoys you, you can disable particles on your client with npc_siamesecat_enableparticles 0.
Q - Other players can't damage my cats.
A - This would occur because of Falco's Prop Protection.