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The Ship: Food Entities
Uploaded4 years ago
Updated3 years ago
Indexed1 year ago
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This addon adds lots of entities to gmod. The entities are from the murder game called 'The Ship'. Some models are kinda glitched, eg: some spawn half into the ground but to begin with most of the models didn't have physics so you coudn't pick them up. To use the entities just spawn them in and press your USE key and then the entity should vanish, and hopefully it will add 10 health points(That is going to change). When you press your USE key it will emit differant sounds so if you are using a drink entity, it will emit a drinking sound.

This mod includes:

* Roast Chicken
* Sandwich
* Pasta
* Peanuts
* Chocolate Bar Unwrapped
* Chocolate Bar Wrapped (May experiance issues)
* Cup of tea
* Cup of Coffee
* Cup of Cappucinno
* Can of Energy Boost
* Can of Lime Energy Boost
* Breakfast
* Glass of Martini
* Vending Machine (does nothing ATM)

To add or do for the entities:

I want to add more food types and also make it so if you don't like the sounds, you can just put a console command in which stops the sounds from emitting when you eat.

Other things:

-- adding a few of the foods and drinks in the vending machine as new foods and drinks.
-- adding extra foods from the fridge?
-- Smashable models?
-- Fixing the textures on the bottom of the vending machine.
-- Fix the spawn for the Coffee/Mug with random liquid in.
-- Fix the spawn for the cans.

The Ship

I am currently adding more content to Garry's Mod from 'The Ship'. I am currently editing the guns which don't have reload animations, but I have made it so when you reload it emits a reloading sound so you know that the gun reloads. Also adding props, chairs which you can sit on and learning how to do playermodels and npc's, which include rigging and posing. Since they have differant skeletons it has made it harder to rig the models as I have no experiance with 3ds max or blender.
Update: I have learnt a bit more in blender! (Woo)

Contact Me if you want to help!

If you can create playermodels(and rigging them), chairs or coding, please contact me by adding me through steam. If would be very grateful if you helped me with this project.


This addon may have some errors. Please tell me by using the comment system below.


Milk Carton:

-- Fixed physics. (Now it should weigh more)
-- Fixed Hitbox.


-- Deleted the peanuts which are out of the bowl.
-- Recreated the physics for the model.

Drink Cans:

-- The lemon physic file has been fixed so it doesn't spaz out.
(Only thing is that when you spawn it in it is kinda sunk into the ground but it should fix itself)

Mug with Cappuccino:

-- Fixed physics. Should not spaz round like before.
-- Change the name as it looks lika a 'Cappuccino'.

Donut Packet:

-- The physics file now covers the lid of the donuts.


Vending Machine:

-- Model has been added, it has been fixed so it cannot be moved by a human.
-- There was no bottom on the prop but I fixed it. (textures are not correct)