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lmao craptasket is salty
learn to take a fucking joke, the internet is becoming more politically correct every day, can't have fun anymore
peace out cumlord, been fun the past 10 years being harassed by a power hungry mod with post editing adhd :^)
Braxen's Models
AuthorBraxen 馃悷
Uploaded4 years ago
Updated1 year ago
Indexed1 year ago
Votes97/11 (90%)
Filesize19.49 MB
Steam reports0
Legitimacy score82/100
lots of newlines
Some Swedish models, including the fish.

Now finally working.


# From my mod "Midgaard"
50" LG TV
Braxen road sign
Elevator panel
Elevator button
Soda bottle
Marabou Cookies
Bilar candy
Bloody knife
MSI GE60 laptop
Galaxy Note 2
Coffee mug
Milk carton
Lövbiff ("minute steak")
Chocolate ball

# Original models
Candy bag (with skins)
Chocolate bar (with skins)
Food plate (with skins)
Danbo/Danboard (from Yotsuba&!) (made from a minifig)
Photo frame
Modular walls
Cake slice
Body pillow
Cutting board
Pantmaskin (pawn machine)
Pingu mask (noot noot)

# Ported models
Mario question wing block
Stiff cat
Isabelle (not rigged, but has bones)
Medli (not rigged, but has bones)
Pocky box (only with strawberry skin so far) ( )
Commodore C64 ( )

Most recent comments

mcbonpc 路 2016-07-19 19:34
Now I can finish my future setup! (minus the keyboard, but thats ok I have another addon!)
76561198103083224 路 2016-07-16 20:30
Oh, That's Very Weird, Okay, Thanks for responding!
MrBrax 路 2016-07-16 03:26
it's the "old" term for chocolate ball, there's seriously nothing racist about it
76561198103083224 路 2016-07-15 15:12
when I hovered my mouse over the Chocolate Ball Moder, it said "niger_ball" I'm not black but I find it Racist...
76561198301487883 路 2016-07-07 08:55
noot noot ( 汀° 蜏蕱 汀°)
76561198086541525 路 2016-05-14 14:13
76561198086541525 路 2016-05-14 14:13
salt <img src="" class="emoticon">
Spenny_one 路 2016-03-30 09:24
I hate this pack fuckbees
76561198173886021 路 2016-03-18 21:12
Cool!<img src="" class="emoticon">
herpderp3 路 2016-01-31 08:29
herpderp3 路 2016-01-31 08:29
76561198126033932 路 2016-01-07 13:11
Kunde inte undgå att notera att filnamnet för &quot;Chokladbollarna&quot; var &quot;Negerboll&quot; kommentarer på detta? <img src="" class="emoticon">
76561198203898961 路 2015-11-01 09:20
@Toy Chica The Chicken are u a girl or a guy with that username?
76561198068741238 路 2015-10-18 01:45
i love marabou cookies
76561198105139722 路 2015-09-21 05:18
okej tack
MrBrax 路 2015-09-20 06:08
inget fel med modellerna, kolla att din gmod-installation funkar istället
76561198105139722 路 2015-09-20 03:31
vad bhöver man för att addonen ska funka för mitt gmod crachar varge gång jag försöker spawna något. SNÄLLA FIXA DET!<img src="" class="emoticon">
76561197970585878 路 2015-09-05 05:10
I used one of these props in one of my videos, hope that's alright. =(
redVenom370 路 2015-09-04 07:22
i like the isabelle model i have the isabelle models
Undertalesuxdix 路 2015-08-28 14:58
can you make ikea food like kex or chocolate?
KITTYSRULE 路 2015-08-23 23:29
Er mah gawd (I'm only here for the CAKE)
Yakup334 路 2015-08-10 04:04
How about more Chocletta bars? Such as 'Sport Lunch' and 'Plop'
76561198139508097 路 2015-08-09 06:29
Oh ok thanks for recommenting back love the pack though!
MrBrax 路 2015-08-08 08:53
that would probably be too small for source, i'm afraid
76561198139508097 路 2015-08-08 07:36
can you make a actual sorry if i spelled that wrong :3 but a pockey stick for out of the pack??
Thanks love your work!!! <img src="" class="emoticon">
MrBrax 路 2015-07-29 00:42
i plan to, yes
76561198122514762 路 2015-07-28 19:17
can you make more skins for that pasta alfredo tvdinner prop?
Suck_My_Dong 路 2015-04-30 17:11
En liten request. Smörgåstårta eller falukorv.
Suck_My_Dong 路 2015-04-30 16:58
Den bästa addonen till Gmod. Utan tvekan. Braxen, i älskar dis.
Yakup334 路 2015-04-20 00:57
Nice. they sell KEX Chocolate in my country too. at the Store near my school.
Chocolate With waffle parts is dellicious :)
76561198063259123 路 2015-03-25 08:49
You're from Sweden? I love that place! :]
76561198086772279 路 2015-01-10 08:46
jävla racict XD
pikalugia 路 2014-09-03 09:11
You are from sweden? I am from norway! :D
76561198114874429 路 2014-06-19 18:11
can someone make a moutain dew prop....need it for a vid im making.....
MrBrax 路 2014-03-14 22:23
hantera det
76561198028372670 路 2014-03-14 09:47
Hörru! Det står Negerboll för Choklad boll. Jävla racist namn. Chokladboll är bättre att säja.
MrBrax 路 2014-02-16 23:15
Got a couple of those, i'll try it at least, but hipoly is not my thing.
Monochromeferret 路 2014-02-16 18:38
I was wondering if you could do a Commodore 64 or some other old computing device from the eighties...
MrBrax 路 2014-02-16 18:26
I'll gladly take requests, as long as they're household items that i could buy without destroying my wallet and are useless in real life.
Monochromeferret 路 2014-02-14 17:25
Neat little set of models!
76561198028372670 路 2014-02-11 10:49
Ja! Mera saker
nectarianitro 路 2014-02-11 06:55
Snyggt! Äntligen lite svenska saker till GM.
MrBrax 路 2014-02-10 09:27
Not a bad suggestion, just gotta buy one.
Yakup334 路 2014-02-10 06:54
What about Marabou Chocolate Bar?