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lmao craptasket is salty
learn to take a fucking joke, the internet is becoming more politically correct every day, can't have fun anymore
peace out cumlord, been fun the past 10 years being harassed by a power hungry mod with post editing adhd :^)
Horse Mask Prop
Uploaded4 years ago
Updated4 years ago
Indexed1 year ago
Votes542/52 (91%)
Filesize1.58 MB
Steam reports0
Legitimacy score100/100
Neeeeeigh. The ears are bad and he has no mane, but will suffice for those longing of a horse mask. Comes with two other skins. It probably won't fit on whatever head you're using it, so use the inflator tool to shrink the head. Feel free to use it for your servers or whatever.

If you want this piece of garbage in Team Fortress 2, go upvote it on the Team Fortress 2 workshop