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lmao craptasket is salty
learn to take a fucking joke, the internet is becoming more politically correct every day, can't have fun anymore
peace out cumlord, been fun the past 10 years being harassed by a power hungry mod with post editing adhd :^)
Food Mod
Uploaded4 years ago
Updated3 years ago
Indexed1 year ago
Votes5,903/653 (90%)
Filesize14.34 MB
Steam reports0
Legitimacy score118/100
word count good
Food Mod is a mod that consists of edible food that can be consumed for health. There are more than 15 different foods that people can consume which makes it perfect for roleplay or just general fun.

This is a simplified health only version of food mod. If you're looking for DarkRP Hungermod support please download the git version off of github.



Disclaimer: If you wish to use Food Mods code in anyway you must first seek permission from me, Koz. Anyone caught uploading my code to the workshop will be forced to take it down if no permission was given by me.