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Museum of Simulation Technology SWEP
Author$@ⓊḈγ $@ȵĐω1€ℏ
Uploaded6 days ago
Updated6 days ago
Indexed5 days ago
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Based on the main gameplay mechanic from the amazing demo "Museum of Simulation Technology", this SWEP allows its user to manipulate the size of objects in a unique and interesting way.

Just equip the weapon and left click on any moveable object and point it at a surface to make it larger or smaller. Reload to reset the size of the object being held. (It works on NPCs too.)

The weapon is located under Museum of Simulation Technology -> Forced Perspective.

Options are located under Museum of Simulation Technology -> Forced Perspective SWEP Options.

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Weeazist · 2018-01-14 19:26
Great idea for Gmod!