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lmao craptasket is salty
learn to take a fucking joke, the internet is becoming more politically correct every day, can't have fun anymore
peace out cumlord, been fun the past 10 years being harassed by a power hungry mod with post editing adhd :^)
[NGRP] Rebel Pilot Variant Playermodel
Uploaded3 months ago
Updated3 months ago
Indexed3 months ago
Votes9/3 (75%)
Filesize37.17 MB
Steam reports0
Legitimacy score93/100
Rebel Pilot Variant.

This model has faceposing.

For more information on models, feel free to add me on steam.

Most recent comments

SatanHimself666Hell · 2018-01-14 16:05
Blue Squadron?

You sir are fucking amazing!
76561198139244127 · 2018-01-14 01:26
76561198138335971 · 2018-01-14 01:26
these models are dope, my only question is will you ever add a customizable helmet or just a helmet anytime soon? Just wondering.
gonzomuppet · 2018-01-14 01:26
probably not no @Doctor