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lmao craptasket is salty
learn to take a fucking joke, the internet is becoming more politically correct every day, can't have fun anymore
peace out cumlord, been fun the past 10 years being harassed by a power hungry mod with post editing adhd :^)
TDMCars - Chevrolet
Uploaded5 years ago
Updated2 years ago
Indexed2 years ago
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word count good
This is the Chevrolet manufacture pack with all the Chevrolet vehicles found on the SVN. <br> <br>If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon! <br> <br>The pack currently contains: <br>Chevrolet Blazer <br>Chevrolet Camaro SS 1969 <br>Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 <br>Chevrolet Chevelle SS <br>Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible <br>Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427 1967 <br>Chevrolet C10 1965 <br>Chevrolet Impala SS 96 <br>Chevrolet Spark <br> <br><u><b>The following is required if you want this to work properly!</b></u> <br> <br><a class="bb_link" target="_blank" href="" >TDMCars - Base Pack</a> <b>&lt;---------</b> <br> <br><u><i>Model detail must be set to High! This is very important!</i></u> <br><img src=""> <br> <br>If you are interested in making skins, templates for Chevrolet are found <a class="bb_link" target="_blank" href="" >right here</a><span class="bb_link_host">[]</span> <br>If you have no clue what this is, don't click it.. <br> <br>Please have a look at this guide instead of wasting your time asking questions that are already answered. <br><a class="bb_link" target="_blank" href="" >TDMCars - How to use</a> <br> <br>You can request all you want but it is 100% ignored by me. Occasionally I am hosting request events on Facebook. The fan page is located here <a class="bb_link" target="_blank" href="" >TDMCars on Facebook</a>