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learn to take a fucking joke, the internet is becoming more politically correct every day, can't have fun anymore
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Are you afraid of heights?

The newest version of the sandbox skyscraper has been released, with major changes made to many components of the map!

+6 new floors have been added!
+A staircase has been added to make the new floors more accessable (and realistic)
+navmesh is now included with the map (the navmesh generator does NOT like vertical maps..)
-The cheap fog from b3 has been removed
-removed the indoor kill barrier
~The crane now raises and lowers its cargo at random intervals
~The elevators have been overhauled in order to make the new floors more accessable
~In-map Options have been revamped
~The options room has been relocated for easier access
~Textures have been changed
~The skybox & fog has been changed to hide the skybox seam
~The kill barrier has been lowered

+ Custom textures and sounds for the map

Kickflip329 - Playtesting
NOER - Playtesting
dafletch01 - Playtesting
SailorMoonFan (non-steam) - radio1.wav
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