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Account age: 7 years
Country: BR
After getting permission from Upset (the creator of Doom 3 SWEPs) to use his base, i was able to bring the weapons of Quake 4 into GMod.


-Blaster (no charge yet, that's hard to code)
-Machine Gun (Extended mag variant coming in a while)
-Shotgun (with magazine attachment variant)
-Grenade Launcher
-Nailgun (All variants)
-Rocket Launcher
-Lightning Gun
-Dark Matter Gun

If you find any glitches, errors or missing stuff, please let me know.
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The Gersh Device from the games Call of Duty: Black Ops and Black Ops ]|[, featured in the maps Ascension and Moon.

Available in Sandbox and nZombies.


Raven - porting models and sounds

Zet0r - Base coding

Me - Final coding
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Uploaded2 months ago
Updated2 months ago
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The Zap Gun Dual Wield / Wave Gun from the game Call of Duty: Black Ops. You can combine the two zap guns into the Wave Gun by holding E and R at the same time, as well as separate the two guns the same way.


Hoff - Porting the model, some particle effects.
Raven - Some code and particle effects.
Me - Final code assembly and upload.
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Uploaded3 months ago
Updated3 months ago
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It's finally out. I was planning to ship the map with an nZombies Config, the full Easter egg quest and even a release trailer, but none of those things could be completed before the Christmas deadline hit. Sorry about that. Anyway, it's here.
The sounds are separated from the map itself because they were too heavy to include with this addon.

Original map "Moon" made by Treyarch. This is merely a recreation of it.

Requires Counter-Strike: Source


Q - How do i turn the power on?
A - There's a metal plate next to the tanks in the pyramid room. Press E on it.

Q - Does this map work with nZombies?
A - Not yet. The stuff the map needs in order to have full compatibility with nZ is up to Zet0r now.

If you like the stuff that i make, please consider donating. Making addons like this one takes a lot of effort and i often don't get anything in return. Your help will surely allow me to keep working on them.

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Uploaded4 months ago
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This is a re-creation of the PES from Call of Duty: Black Ops / Black Ops III Zombies map Moon. It's a weapon that lets you put on a spacesuit helmet that allows you to survive against Nerve gas, Poison, Chemical and Drown damage.

It is in the "Gas Masks" weapon category and is named "P.E.S"

Helmet model made by Treyarch and ported by Raven. Animations and code done by me.

Addons used in the video and screenshots:

- Ultimis Crew in PES Playermodels:
- Black Ops SWEP Pack:
- Map is coming soon
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Uploaded6 months ago
Updated6 months ago
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The Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies characters in their Pressurized External Suits (P.E.S.)

I made these models mainly to fit my future addons. And before you ask, no, this model isn't just that black-textured direct port from CoD:BO, it does have a different skin with the "aluminium foil" effect. Just look at the screenshots.

Also, they do have c_hands/c_models.

Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and PES models made by Treyarch. I merely adapted them for GMod.
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Uploaded6 months ago
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- All addons listed there ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
- Counter-Strike: Source

NOTE: Original map made by Treyarch. No copyright infringement intended.

Map made specifically for the nZombies Gamemode.

I was going to release this seriously, but since it's April Fools and there's a lot of hype for "DLC 5" (The fifth DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, which has rumours for containing remastered maps from Black Ops II, including TranZit.), i decided to publish this just to give the map a little starting boost.

Jokes aside, this map Actually plays better than the original TranZit: No denizens, Easy Pack-a-Punch, an actually useful Jet Gun, pretty much a version of the map that has everything that the community has been complaining about FIXED. You may experience some visual lag when playing in some areas. This is because the map was compiled with "Fast VIS". Don't worry, i will compile it with Normal VIS still in this week.

Note: Turbine and Zombie Shield are equipped by pressing "N".

Also, The roof of the Diner requires the ladder to be reached, NOT the hatch
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Uploaded1 year ago
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I didn't make this map. I just ported it from the GoldSRC engine to the Source engine. All credits go to transistor55.

This is a direct port of the map bunnyrace_beta2 from the original Half-Life engine to the Source 2007 engine.
To start the race and open the gate, shoot the target above it.

Since this is a port from GoldSRC to Source, something may not go as expected due to the fact that some GoldSRC functions don't have a Source counterpart, such as textures named "!<something>" not warping and deforming.

Original map download:
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Uploaded1 year ago
Updated1 year ago
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Filesize3.25 MB


This map is in version v0.91 so, please send feedback on glitches, improvements, etc.
Also, the map is named "rp_biolab", located in the "Roleplay" tab.


A military outpost in the north region of Greenland. It contains caches of high-tech weapons in dedicated storage areas as well as a biological laboratory, developing research on various different projects, such as █████████ ███████ and ██████████ █████ ██████████. Due to the location of the establishment, transport of supplies and personell is difficult. it is generally accomplished in the form of [DATA EXPUNGED].

It is believed that the biolab found in the area houses the █████ responsible for the creation of Subject-███, Who escaped a larger laboratory in [CLASSIFIED], England.

End of Description

- Counter-Strike: Source
- A considerably high-end PC.

Negative comments without any kind of argument will be removed.
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Uploaded1 year ago
Updated1 year ago
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With a C4 belt around your waist and a detonator in your hands, destroy anything you would like to.

This addon is based on the popular meme "allahu akbar". The weapon is located in the "others" category.

Known bugs:
- if you spawn it with your toolgun, you won't be able to pick it up. Fixed by lifting it off the floor with the physgun.
- using the weapon while no-clipping underground allows you to survive the explosion, but you won't be able to use it again until you die and respawn.

Have fun exploding stuff (and dying in the process)! ; )
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Uploaded1 year ago
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Ever wanted a map large enough to fight against your friends/enemies on? With nukes and everything? Room for full customization? You've come to the right place, my friend.

On the surface, it's basically a huge, flat desert. On each side of the map, you can find a nuclear shelter. The left button sends the elevator to the opposite floor, the right one calls it to your current one (It takes 35 seconds for the elevator to move completely). Once in the shelter, you will find a Fallout styled Vault. the left button opens the vault door. The right one closes it. The rest is up to your creativity.

I know it's a pretty basic map. It's not meant to be the absolute best war map ever, but it gets the job done and looks nice.

If you have any suggestions to improve the map, please let me know.

- If you get stuck on the elevators, simply crouch.
- In the Vault, you can survive a GBombs 5 "Little Boy" nuke, losing up to 18 HP. To survive anything stronger, you need full health and armor.

IMPORTANT: Negative comments without any kind of argument will be removed.

Enjoy! Don't forget to rate, share, subscribe and NOT to crash your PC's with loads of nukes ; )
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Uploaded2 years ago
Updated1 year ago
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This is a re-creation of a Bhop map originally created for QuakeWorld. Unlike any other bhop map out there, this one requires cooperation between two players.

This is the full version of the map. If you don't have anybody to finish the map with, you can use the barrier-free version:

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Uploaded2 years ago
Updated2 years ago
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This is a re-creation of a Bhop map originally created for QuakeWorld. Unlike any other bhop map out there, this one requires cooperation between two players.

Here's the version with obstacles:

This version features no barriers (for "forever alone" players).

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Uploaded2 years ago
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WARNING: If your victim has heart issues and/or vision/sound sensitive epilepsy or any other
issues, do NOT prank this person: it can lead to future complications.

This is a very simple prank to land on your friends. Load this map for them or somehow tell
them to load it up (It's in the "others" tab and is called "sandbox"). They will be stuck in an invisible block and 5 seconds later, a screamer will scare the s#!t out of their a$$es.

And remember: jumpscares are most effective when the victim least expects it to happen.

Headphones recommended for better reactions.
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Uploaded3 years ago
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This is a re-creation of a bhop map originally created for Half-Life.

It took me a while to create the map and i focused most of my time on
making the timer work properly. I plan to launch updates to the map to
make it look more like the original one. It's in the "Others" tab and is
named "bhop_src".

Please let me know what you think of the map
through the comments.

Map made with: Valve Hammer Editor

Original map:
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Uploaded3 years ago
Updated3 years ago
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